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Washington State Experiments with New Rule-Making over Water

The Washington State Department of Ecology is adopting a *new* rule-making procedure seeking public input while invoking the much abused Emergency Clause which suspends the State Constitution and the peoples right to referendum with six magic little words, “protect public health, safety, and welfare”.  The state will be looking at toxins with regard to just how much fish and shellfish people are consuming.  Adoption of a new standard emerged in a Clean Water Act Triennial Review.  Each time the vassal State of Washington grovels for Federal funds it is required to sign a contract, Standard Form 424 A & B which demands that the Clean Water and a plethora of other federal acts and Executive Orders be implemented with progress provided quarterly to the Federal government.  Washington wants to reflect new and emerging science and technology for compliance.  They believe that determining chemical criterion is a high priority.  

The State of Washington wants to negotiate their rule-making process and test a pilot rule-making while notifying the public of their progress through “open forums and use of media”.  The meetings will be structured which translates to Hegelian synthesis process.  In the end, your views as the public do not matter since the Department of Ecology suspended the State Constitution through the invocation of the much-abused Emergency Clause, not that it matters because with the rule-making process anyhow, they never listen to the people.

The bottom line is the new human health criteria is not about the health of Washingtonians it is about fish and the resources of Washington State being owned, not by the public, but by the puppeteers. 

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