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As you know, senators and legislators from many states met this past weekend  in a Convention of States to discuss the Article V ratification procedure. The left, as usual, is getting “shaky” about this and is starting their slander and bashing which should incite all Patriots to work even harder. Some left websites, as expected, are already pushing into high gear and spouting their insanities regarding this Convention and the Article V ratification process.

All Patriots need to PUSH and keep pushing their senators and representatives to get them on board STAT!

I have attached a copy of the blank petition that you should download, make multiple copies to give to everyone in your area and/or state so that they may sign them as well. Get them to your state representatives/senators THIS week!

Blank Signature Page  Version – (Directions:  Please enter your State in the blank spaces on the sheet provided; and be sure to sign and date the sheet and mail back to the address on the bottom of the page in a flat letter size envelope.  The document is in PDF format).  Please click on the document here: blank-petition-signature-page


Go here for copies that are already filled in with state info: State by State Signature copies

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