Ben Carson: Americans Should Prepare to Defend Against Aggressive Government


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Americans should be prepared to defend themselves against an “overly aggressive government,” and the Constitution’s Second Amendment recognizes their right to do this very thing. So says pediatric neurosurgeon, best-selling author, conservative advocate and nationally known speaker Dr. Ben Carson, who is no stranger to standing up for liberty.

During a recent summit, Carson called the right to bear arms “vitally important” and said any efforts to confiscate weapons are efforts that should never be allowed in America. Many who agree with Carson on this and other issues are hoping he will make a direct foray into politics.

Regardless of whether that happens, Alex McFarland, who will be hosting Carson as a headline speaker at this year’s Truth for a New Generation (TNG) annual apologetics conference, says it is the job of all freedom-loving Americans to take the same stand as Carson in defending our God-given liberties.

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